Monday, October 3, 2011

Bear Thoughts

If I were a grizzly bear, nasty and mean,
Growling and snapping and venting my spleen,
Ulcers would probably plague all my days
Making me cranky and even more crazed.
Were this the truth I would hate to be me,
Hate the unhappiness, yearn for some glee.
Thankfully I'm not a bear of that kind!
I'm just a Kodiak; pay me no mind.

1 comment:

John said...

If you were a bear, all fluffy and black
With berries and bugs for a light fall snack
Waddling all over, looking for vittles
Trying to fill out your sides and your middles

‘Cause you know it’s cool and it’s time to turn in
To find a nice den with room for your kin
All plump and tired you’d lay down your head
‘til it’s time to wake up and lumber back out of bed