Sunday, March 29, 2009


Say now young lady, would you care to swing?
I've got the right shoes on and it's just the thing.
Let's take a twirl as the Commodores play
Some tunes from the greats, from Ellington's day.
Don't mind my feet and I'll stay off your toe
Dance with me baby, wherever we go.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sly the Absconding Rat

When a rat goes missing you had better beware
Cause rats are kinda socialist and they like to share;
They'll nibble on the goodies that get left on the shelf
And they'll leave a wee gift for you to clean up yourself.
The best thing for you to do as far as I know
Is to set aside the shotgun and set out a "hotel".
"Oh no, you didn't say that! Why you're just a cad!
Threatening the poor rat's life is just terrible bad."
No doubt this is true, but I'm just winkin' my eye.
I'm all for happy endings for that rat named Sly.
So come on home sweet rat, we're sad that you're missing
All will be forgiven and boy won't you get some kissing.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Eloquent Protest

Barry is a schmuck.
Yeah, yeah.
Things he do just suck.
Yeah, yeah.
His mouth is in his butt,
Yeah, yeah.
I wish his butt were shut.
Oh yeah.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I want so desperately to know.
Not to have competing ideas,
But the one strong idea
That stands up and declares.

Not knowing is like the world
Gone blurry. A vague headache
Nagging at me, stealing my joy.
Knowledge is self-justification.

But that is a pernicious lie,
That I know sometimes
When I am weak enough
And Christ is strong within me.
I awake with sun and with song,
Sung with cracking voice
And the pale light overcome
By a sadist wind whipping.
Surely there are flaws
That really living reveals,
Scratches of criticism well-earned,
And rusty spots neglected
By thought or effort.
But the Son will find something to shine on.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Western Love Poem

I saw some folks at the bar tonight,
They were laughin' real hard.
Seems somebody had seen the light,
So sang the tipsy bard.
Friends gathered round and shouted loud
To rise above the din
But a hush came down and everybody bowed
When the princess walked on in.

She was hotter than a pistol and right smart too
And she sashayed 'cross the floor.
She sat right down at my left side
And shot my esprit de corps
Up through the roof and I don't mind sayin'
That I was proud as proud can be
To have on my arm a pretty girl swayin'
And I'm sure that you'd agree.

So we're gettin' married sometime soon
Though an hour'd be too long,
So I'll hold on tight and keep on wooin'
And singin' loverly songs.
The tulips'll pop right out of the ground
When the time has come to say,
"Why yes I'll take this lovely lady
For all the rest of my days!"

Monday, March 2, 2009

The air was awash in shards of crystal,
Perfectly mesmerizing as they settled to earth.
The ground was laden with heaven's broken goblets
The love which was therein shown to us in a birth
That renews us day after day,
Making us white, like the crystals last night
And cheering our hearts for the way.