Friday, July 8, 2011


In the wee and small hour,
Lights more or less dampened,
I sit and I wonder
On all that has happened.
Crescendos and codas
And turning of pages,
Rebuking of demons,
And chit chat with sages;
A whirlwind of meaning
Surpassing all wonder
In lover and baby
And lightning and thunder,
Two churches with people
With hopes for the 'morrow,
Weddings and funerals,
Joy... and sorrow.
Good God, you're amazing
I'd never have dreamed this
The things you've accomplished
Beyond all my wishes.


John said...

Thought I left a comment. perhaps not.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Not that I saw, but I'll trust that it was pertinent, perspicacious and perhaps even poetic (as is your wont).

John said...

Naw, I think I just said something about praise is a good thing and good luck with the path you have chosen. It may have been pithy but perspicacious, is a whole other story. Or as we would say here LA whole nother thing.