Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

I am an Iowawegian poet,
Iowegian poet do or die.
A real life rhymer from the state of corn,
Lousy(!) I'm not gonna lie.
I like to hear disapprobation,
Helps me know the world is sane.
Lousy poets step right up and pen a verse for freedom
"Hey y'all, Happy 4th of July!"

A verse for freedom?  What kind of cockamamie thing is that?  And why would "Happy 4th of July" qualify?  Well, you're not going to get an essay out of me either, so I'll just say, "Here's to our founding ideals, may God help us pursue them, and may we show a bit of mercy to each other as we go along.


John said...

Here’s to America’s Poets
Iowegian or just near by
Real live poets of their Uncle Sam
Writing for the Fourth of July

May your verses of rhym’n
Ring true and sweet
No matter the cadence
Or even the beat

Katherine said...

Happy 4th of July Mr Picklesworth!!

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Well thank you John and Katherine. John, you are a poet in your own right, so here's to you. And Katherine, the day was about as beautiful as summer can be up yonder. Now if our yearning to be free will be as gorgeous as the weather...