Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Explicit Unpoem #1

Lousy poets take thoughts and hit the "enter" key at opportune moments to create the illusion of a poem where no poem exists.  It's actually just rambling thought with neither rhyme nor discernible structure, nor even words chosen to complement each other and express something further than the sum of them.  It's just a cheap imitation that deserves your scorn!  And so I give you an Unpoem:

In the wee hours
I find the time
To let my mind wander
Over things that have passed,
Things that I've spurned
And put in their places!

But they don't threaten
Like they used to do.
They seem rather silly
And toothless.

I don't know that we should allow ourselves foolishness
As some kind of birthright.
After all, foolishness maims, kills and destroys.
But some of us survive.
And as the carnage recedes
It all seems such a spectacle.


Lone Wolf said...

I know how you feel! I hate those poems! they are so annoying when I'm trying to find a poem that actually has form and rhymes.

raven eli said...

im not sure how to feel about this,
im annoyed,
torn, and angered,
in my head im saying fuck you

you have caused me to start reading a thesaurus,
apathy, habitude, aversion, exhaltion
you have caused me!

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Raven, not big on the swearing thing. However, I'm happy to have driven you to the despair of thesaurus consultation!

raven eli said...

ok... sorry about the swearing... but poetry is about wrighting what you feel and that is how i felt... i never really mean to offend anyone... and i find that reading the thesaurus has helped me a great deal... now i just need to work on my spelling, wich in case you havent noticed, it sucks*
needs a better word, i know