Thursday, January 6, 2011

Epiphany (just a wee bit weird)

Ann-Tie-uh-Cuss  E-Piff-uh-Knees
Was doing bad one day.
He went to ol' Jerusalem
And this is what he say,
"Your God is very weak, you see,
And I'll just show you how."
He roasted pig in the holy place
And boy that made him proud.

But Epiphanes was sore mistook
When he thought he could mock God
By putting bacon in his house
All bathed in piggy blood.

Epiphany means God shows up
But not to knock some heads.
Not even ol' Antiochus
Who was already quite dead.
No, God shows up in Jesus Christ
Not proud, nor spillin' blood.
He comes to testify to truth
And do his creatures good.

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