Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Sunset After Winter

There's a sunset on the water
That once was solid ice.
Ripples softly cast the glow,
The circuit walkers to entice.
The single sun is doubling down
Now that Spring has come,
"Summer's coming in my stead,
With life replacing all that's dead."
The sunset on the water
Bears promise for tomorrow.
Icy cold has passed away
And one day, too, will sorrow.


Katherine said...

Ahhh that was so nice Mr Picklesworth..I like your rhythmic poetry, it flows nice from the lips!!
A beautiful poem & beautiful photo too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,
I especially like the line "The single sun is doubling down" when I liew your photo. Mom

Imola said...

The sunset after winter might bring hope of defrost, of revival...yet it also brings decay, for the heat brings to live the eaters of the dead...April is the cruelest month...


W.B. Picklesworth said...

Good point Imola. You can't have new life without death. I would call that the central point of existence even.

Will Thomas said...

Wow, that was excellent very nice descriptive language. The poem was very beautiful. If you didn't have a picture I think I could still picture it. Keep up the good work.