Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Bear

Here, my dear friends, is a bear,
A bear who stands sentinel there.
There by the place
Where the walker goes by
Stands a bear with a face
To make bear mothers cry.
"Needless insulting!"
Perhaps you will say?
But that is the story
He told me today.
"Momma once told me
That I was a brute,
An ill-tempered, google-eyed
Ursine galout!"
"Poor little bear," I near almost said.
But then the bear hit me!  And then I saw red.
"Doggone you bear!" I spluttered and raged.
"Ugly-faced bears, why they outta be caged!"
And that, don't you know, is not all.
The bear is there still standing tall!
Outrageous I know, but that's life.
And ugly-faced bears cause much strife.