Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Power of Lime

I love to peel limes in the morning,
And set their scents free in the air.
For limes are much nicer than onions,
More bracing and "wowzuh" than pear.
A lime is a gift from the heavens
Which freshens the garbage as well;
It vanquishes day old banana
And makes rotting veggies smell swell.
I love to peel limes in the morning
And do my good deed for the day;
It makes for a good, strong beginning,
And keeps the foul odors at bay.


Ms. Givens said...

That's creative!

Just said...

"More bracing and wowzuh than pear..." I love it.

Katherine said...

Lovely lyrical lime poem Mr Picklesworth! I loved it!
I especially like lime splices. It's vanilla ice-cream coated in a thin layer of lime flavoured ice-confection...oh so yummy for a nice summer treat!

irene said...

I just opened Pandora's box! Eeeeeeeeks!
I just read something so hilariously simple!
I just came across a very tiny diamond, it's sparkle was really hard to ignore
It brushed away the clouds that were looming.
This tiny diamond is now shining brighter than the sun...

I agreed to something I shouldnt have at work one day after which I discovered your blog. You inspired this piece. Thank you for inspiring my days!

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Muchos gracias. You brighten my morning.