Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I'm not one to give things up for Lent.  It always seemed artificial to me.  I'm not speaking to anyone else's experience, just to my own.  But for some reason this year is different.  I'm using Lent as an opportunity to set things down that I value to see what happens, to see what God will do.  In the past year I've commented a number of times about how I can't understand how anyone can be bored; there are too many interesting, worthwhile, and fun things to do.  I'm curious about what it is that I'm not now doing which will arise in the space that Lent has pruned.  We shall see.

To see what God will do this Lent
I'm doing blog abandonment.  


John said...

See you after Easter... I hope you find good things to fill the time. To see what God will do? I suspect more than a penance of lent is in order, to open yourself up to what God can do.

Gino said...

Blog abandonment is a tool of the devil.

but i doubt you will see this revelation til after Easter.

Naah Sponge Bob said...

Te sigo! espero que me puedas seguir tu!

jh said...

catholics do heavy penance for
lenten insufficiencies
seems like you've lapsed

i suggest next lent you try wearing a hairshirt

there are joys in lent
what are they

good thing redemption is at hand

i wonder
is luther still in purgatory

we've a few days left
to repent repent


W.B. Picklesworth said...

Lapsed? For goodness sakes, I gave up Facebook! ;)

As far as purgatory goes, the image that comes to mind is the central shrine at a bulimia convention. I don't think Luther is there.