Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Fragments - busted up pieces of what used to be something...
Some "thing."  But the thing is undone, broken.
It seems that the world is fragments these days.
A civic sense that held us together,
Is sick, just plain sick.
Who can trust the other?  Those others are vile, truly vile.
One mustn't listen to them, at all costs no.
And religion, well, that was supposed to be an internal matter
Now wasn't it?  But now it busts out in all the wrong places
Indignantly right and yet doing damage to itself.
Or it plays the complaisant fool, doing damage to itself.
Or it is altogether absent, doing damage to everyone else.
Whether by omission or commission, the whole thing is busted up in fragments.
And where is a person to turn amidst these heaps of shards?
It's easy to cut oneself.  It's easy to wail.  It's easy to stomp...
And bust everything up just a bit more.
Is there nothing that holds it together anymore?
Or are we condemned to live so separately, as fragments
So unlovely, so unkempt, so broken...

(Was it always so frail?  So irreparably compromised?)
Seems not, but.

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