Friday, November 18, 2011


Cars are fine feats of art,
Modern sculptures,
At least in part.

Curvy lines that flow...
And pounce!
Far be it for me to denounce them.

But, (and the existence of but is curiously secure)
There is something amiss.

Cars, in all their finery,
Are drab creatures,
Lacking an important feature.
Color.  Color!!

Moving sculptures should growl and purr
And capture your eyes in a flurry of wow.
But they've all been washed together
And have come out uniformly drab.

Our roads are a Soviet rainbow.


John said...

As cars blend to a common fate
Corners squared, sides flat like a plate
it should be neglected, expected, accepted,
The colors awash as they run in a stream?

Gone the days of big flowing lines
each brand unique, each car sublime
Another and another now roll down the rue
Chevy, or Nissan I haven't clue

I've driven behind the East German Trabant
It made the Yugo look plush!

W.B. Picklesworth said...

The Trabant? Oh my! I've never driven any Communist cars, but I remember seeing Ladas while in St. Petersburgh in 1996. Oddly, they shared the road with Mercedes Benz and Beamers.

Scott said...

Agreed! Aesthetics do matter.