Friday, November 4, 2011

'The Calling' or 'The Boy and the Book'

Stretching up for the book on the table,
Caught in something more than curiosity,
The young boy paused.  .... . Then,...  picked up the book, slowly,
Touched it as gently as he was able.
He didn't yet know how to decipher
The drawings on the spine and on the cover
And upon opening the book, with due wonder,
He saw more.  Symbols from here to forever.
The boy wanted to know what it all meant
Longed for mysteries.  Thirsted for clues
With which to know he knew not what, To lose
Himself in a world to which he knew, somehow, he was sent.


John said...

The world awaits a curious mind
New adventure; fantasy sublime
When words become crystal clear
Imagination grows from there

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Yes, the foundation has to come. He's starting to get it. His mouth is lagging behind his brain, but he assigns pronounceable words to things he sees.