Sunday, June 26, 2011

To Have Grown and Shaved Is Better Than Never to Have Grown At All

I shaved my rockin' Amish beard;
I shaved it for my wife.
I'd hate for any facial hair
To cause domestic strife.
My love for her reigns high above
Such trivialities,
But surely I will try again
My beard festivities!


raven eli said...

how long was this beard? and honestly facial hair just makes people look older than they really are

W.B. Picklesworth said...

It was three weeks long. And it does probably make me a look a bit older, but I generally look a bit younger than I am. So it all comes out in the wash.

John said...

Alas, domestic bliss returns once more
with all the chin hair on the floor
It is good to seek to change
but sometimes hard to explain

My advice to you, for what its worth
don't mess with a woman on her way to give birth

Mall Diva said...

@ RE: Just so you're aware, it takes him 3 days to grow a 5 o' clock shadow. ;)

@ John: You are a smart man.