Monday, June 6, 2011


Carpet on carpet,
Like frosting on frosting,
Is just too excessive
For my feet to bear.
Not that my feetsies
Have e'er eaten frosting
I'm just writing blindly;
I really don't care.

The baby is pushing
A chair that's much bigger
Than his little bottom,
But he's keen to dare.

I haven't made coffee
And now I'm just rambling,
Oh goodness, please stop me.
Please, don't grin and stare!


John said...

Is Carpet on Carpet the same as plastic covers on furniture except softer and you don't slip off?

Anonymous said...

hey, i enjoy frosting on frosting... but on more like a cake... your poetry is amazing, and has great variety! i guess thats what i would call it

W.B. Picklesworth said...

John, yes, but with the added benefit of tripping.

Raven, gratzee, mare-see and donkey-shoon.

Mall Diva said...

Oh, you whiny Moose. ;)