Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On Being a Dad

Daaden Aaden is my name.
I'm a father; that's my game.
I've a Hun I'm tryin' to tame.
Daaden Aaden is my name.

He crawls round and touches things,
Grabs at glasses and earrings,
Gives a shout and then he sings
He crawls round and collects bling.

He sees pups and gives a cry!
"Save me from the monster guys!"
Touching them would not be wise.
Least that's what I would surmise.

Daaden Aaden is my name.
I've a son I'm tryin' to tame.
Teaching Right, that is my game.
Daaden Aaden is my name.


raven eli said...

i wondering what kind of person you would be like?, probably funny... but with a touch of winston churchill

W.B. Picklesworth said...

My mother in law tells me that your assessment is just about right.

gllich@hotmail.com said...

he "dad"---you'll never have a more important job---nor one as rewarding. Just follow your heart!!! Loved the poem. Keep writing for him. geo