Thursday, April 14, 2016

Peter: A Good Friday Sonnet

Oh man, why is my mouth so stupidly big?
I failed him. I'm no better than a pig.
To crawl down deep in a hole would be bliss.
But I know that I shouldn't run away.
Didn't I tell myself, “I have to stay”?
But crucifixion? That I'd rather miss.
Oh God, you know how bad I want to flee
Oh God, why did you even fashion me
In my mother's womb? Give me a cold, dark tomb.
I just want to run so far. Don't make me see
Him.... dead. Send me to Ninevah. There's room!
Yeah, send me anywhere at all. Make me pay.
The sin I've committed is heavy like stone.

The best I can do is to sit here and groan.

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