Sunday, July 18, 2010


There is a time
When hope starts to feel flimsy in your fingers.
"Maybe it's just a wish?"
Wishes are paltry things
Fit for movie screens,
But not for real hearts
Prone to breaking.

But hope, however flimsy,
Is much stronger 
Than every resource you can muster.
For it depends not on you
And wispy vicissitudes,
But on One who has promised.

And so I hope.
I hope that one day he will come,
Look up
And change everything,
A gift, 
A lesson,
God's love in human form.

1 comment:

Mall Diva said...

If you read these poems, do not be dismayed! There is still a baby, alive and well... but inside my tummy instead of out.

Gosh darn it.