Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Devil of the Road

I was driving late one night,
With bleary eyes and not much light.
All the shapes got twisted up
And gave my heart a twinge of fright.
Blurry numbers danced and laughed
Making wonder for my eyes.
Peering close to verify
All the scene did change in size.
"What the devil!" I cried out,
Longing now for peace and bed,
"Surely he is playing tricks.
He can go to Hell instead!"
So I drove on through the night,
Hoping not a ditch to meet,
Safely I arrived at home
Quitting that infernal street.


Katherine said...

Well I am very pleased Mr Picklesworth that the devil of the night did not find you in a ditch but home safe & sound!

joven said...

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