Thursday, January 1, 2015


How do stains get on ceilings?  
Do they crawl up there when no one is looking?
Are they the fruit of over zealous cooking?
Do they sneak down from the attic above?
Do they just want to be loved?
How do stains get on ceilings?


John said...

My first thought was WB. Picklesworth

Bike Bubba said...

Ben--had the pleasure of a visit from your in-laws yesterday. Had not been aware you're now at your second pastorate, and know that our family is praying for some renegade charismatic Luterns down in corn country, not to mention some improvement in the need for robot feet.

Ben Worley said...

BB, how interesting that I checked the blog today of all days. I haven't been here for many months and then come on the day, less than an hour, after you!

The second pastorate in corn country is going very well. There are some very faithful people here and plenty of friendly ones. We know that God brought us here and we are grateful.