Monday, April 1, 2013

Blabber and Haikus

Oy, life with two kids instead of one, while trying to exercise, read books, and overthrow the local soil and water commissionar....  Well, I've lost track of responsibilities.... like the occasional haiku.

So over at Mr. D's we were blabbing about something or another and I asked him an innocent question, "What do you think about lawn games?"  Now what I was expecting was an enthusiastic espousal of a particular lawn game, such as the following, "I would sell my first born child to play a good game of Kub on a proper lawn with good quality hard wood."

But no.  He says that he's against them.  Communist.  But I responded with tact:

The Jarts of Justice 
Raining down on Mr. D. 
Incorrect answer.

He replied that he thought the haiku was somewhat forceful, not to say violent, coming from a minister of the cloth.  I didn't think so at all.  I asserted as much with the following:

Bocce balls will creep 
Like angry iron ninjas 
To kiss your sweet sleep.

Delicate.  Picturesque.  Entirely in keeping with my calling.

I still can't believe he doesn't like lawn games, though.  Crazy.


Bike Bubba said...

Was it liability lawyers, or the SALT treaties, that got rid of JARTS? I'm leaning towards SALT II.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

I don't know which, but the world is darker and less fun without them. I guess we'll just have to buy that new Daisy Gunfight game. Sounds fun!

abhasoft said...

thank you