Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stray Cat Aria

There's a feline on my stoop
Who is yowling to beat heck.
If he doesn't stop his singing
In the morning I'll be wrecked.
What he's after I don't know
There's no tuna in this house,
Though perhaps the wretched feline
Thinks he sees a tasty mouse?
That's absurd on every level,
Both the basement and the main,
All my house has got is spiders,
And some beetles when it rains.
So begone you yowling creature
Lest I shake my fist in vain.
That'll show you what I'm made of!
(Mainly tired and addled brain.)


John said...

Perhaps, just perhaps, she has chosen your home as the soon to be site for her new litter of kittens and she is encouraging male suiters to come assist with that project?

just say'n been there.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Interesting theory, but this cat has turned out to be a wayward kitten. We can't take it in, as I'm pretty allergic to cats, but we've put it on the dole on the back porch. We'll see if it will stick around. When winter comes we'll have to open up the garage.