Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Crush some garlic; crush a bug
Crush the tyrant; he's a thug.
Crush the grapes to make some wine
"Crush", a soda that's just fine.
Crush, the shallow love of youth.
Crush, a job assigned your tooth.
Crush a beetle, though it stinks;
Crush a cockroach if it winks;
Crush the bugs that eat the crop;
Crush a union; make it pop!


Bike Bubba said...

Speaking of crushing, Alexandria's boys' hockey team was being crushed by Hermantown this afternoon....5-1 after the second period.

Not that either of us has that big of a dog in this fight, but I thought of you when I heard that Alexandria was playing.

John said...

Be careful you don't lose a toe in all this crushing.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

BB, it's hockey; I don't mind. :)

John, I recently bought some steel toed boots. That said, I will admit that I wrote the poem with a certain amount of emotion and irritation.