Sunday, June 27, 2010

"On History" or "A Warble of Cynicism"

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. -George Santayana
This little quote nettles and scrapes on my ear.
It's clarification without making clear.
It lays at the feet of poor memory the blame
For humans persistently flubbing the game.


We'll see what we like in the past to allow
Our foolishness freedom to rule in the now.
Knowledge is nothing when virtue is weak,
Just used to excuse all the pleasures we seek.
We do stupid things, not because we don't know,
But 'cause we are stupid, persistently slow.
We hope that the sin of the past is now fine
And try it again, so we end up cryin'.
Knowledge does nothing to combat stubborn selfishness and willful sin.
Ignorance can be a great blessing.
Some lift up education as a solution to all problems.
Knowledge is not wisdom.
Wisdom is the ugly stepchild of our age.
Who wants it?
This is an age of fake chrome and pine trim.
And I should know.

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