Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Beginning is Nigh!

My wife is very pregnant.
Her belly's getting round.
The baby's kickin' round in there
All movement, but no sound.
We're waiting for the day to come
When baby says, "How do?"
Then cries a bit  and belches up
And leaves a bit of poo.
My wife is very pregnant
The time is drawing near
When life will change and rearrange
And prob'ly get a little strange,
But we've nothing to fear
For happiness is near.


Just said...

Congratulations both of you! When are you due? Do you know what your baby's gender is? So exciting!!!

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Baby's due in July and he is a boy. We're thrilled to be starting a family and hope for many more (in due time, of course!)

Just said...

Lovely!!! Do you have names chosen?

Just said...

My friend had her little boy at 1:19 this morning :-) he was very over due! I think ten days late? Is he named for his Daddy then? Just noticed your initials are very similar,

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Night Writer said...

Another poet's take:

Letter To My Unborn Child
by Young Dawkins

Someday you will want to know
and I might not be here,
this is how you were made.

It was a soft night
near the back of June,
clear, for a change, no rain.

Old women were out
gathering healing herbs,
fennel, dog rose and rhu.

Bonfires burned on all seven hills,
drunken young men
leapt through the flames.

Down in the bogs
the foxfire glowed,
will o' the wisps edged the meadows.

In our bed my wife laughed out loud
at the loving pleasure
of being a woman.

Like any man, I suppose,
I was proud,
and we fell to our sleep both smiling.

You were created
of passion and magic,
in Scotland, on Mid-Summer's Eve.

Here in the North,
that augers you special,
your mother and I believe.

"Letter To My Unborn Child" by Young Dawkins, from The Lilac Thief. © Sargent Press, 2009.