Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Limerick for My Wife on her Birthday

Kingdavid informs me that it is National Bad Poetry Day. It is also my wife's birthday. So I have cleverly combined the two in this toxic brew that is sure to get me in trouble. Just for the record, this is purely fanciful. She doesn't color her hair to cover up gray (though she has promised to do so as soon as necessary and until the day she dies.)
There once was a wife who was aging.
'Gainst little grey hairs she was waging
A war to the pain
While she put on more stain.
When she reads this she'll surely be raging.
Happy Birthday my Love!!!


Mall Diva said...

Yep, raging furiously.

Thanks, Honey!

kingdavid said...

How great is that for you. Now you'll always remember your wife's birthday. (or, you'll always remember it's Bad Poetry Day, one or the other)