Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Going Positive

Sharing disgust
Doesn't do much.
Amendments, however,
Are quite the endeavor!
We are in a political climate where something fundamental has gone wrong. I'm not pointing the finger at the present administration, though I think they are pushing the problem to its logical ends. No, we've got a Washington problem that transcends party affiliation. The way to solve this problem is through the process set out in the Constitution, amendments.

Follow the link in the poem for some proposed amendments to the Constitution that seek to address some of our current problems. Scroll down to the footnotes for plain English explanations of the legalese. (Here is the link for The Bill of Federalism website.)


Scott said...

I agree that we should be governed by the constitution, which we have strayed from drastically, and it looks like the Bill of Federalism takes a step in this direction.

More than this though, I think our problems have arisen because people are greedy, self centered, overindulgent pigs that keep electing people who will indulge their greedy, self centered, overindulgent, pig selves. People think that this is in their individual best interest, but ironically, it is our collective downfall. People must be concerned with others and not themselves, being willing to make some individual sacrifices, or our problems will continue forever, regardless of any changes to the government.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

That's right. We've been voting in order to "get ours." That leads inevitably to someone "taking ours" because we've signed on to the idea that principles don't matter.

The roots of the problem are spiritual and we're seeing them a couple of generations down the road. A particularly fateful step was the decision to tax some people's income, but not others. Luther's Small Catechism, Seventh Commandment sees a problem with this. This problem is now out of control.

The good news is that, if we start doing the right thing, in a few generations they'll notice the effects! We must begin to rebuild that ethical capital for future generations. And it wouldn't hurt if we didn't saddle them with crippling debt!