Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sly the Absconding Rat

When a rat goes missing you had better beware
Cause rats are kinda socialist and they like to share;
They'll nibble on the goodies that get left on the shelf
And they'll leave a wee gift for you to clean up yourself.
The best thing for you to do as far as I know
Is to set aside the shotgun and set out a "hotel".
"Oh no, you didn't say that! Why you're just a cad!
Threatening the poor rat's life is just terrible bad."
No doubt this is true, but I'm just winkin' my eye.
I'm all for happy endings for that rat named Sly.
So come on home sweet rat, we're sad that you're missing
All will be forgiven and boy won't you get some kissing.


kingdavid said...

J'accuse le pere.

(or something like that)

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Spot on. Maybe he put some concrete shoes on Sly and gave her some swimming lessons in the Mississippi?

Night Writer said...

Brie surprise.