Monday, November 17, 2008


If sin is only minor,
A petty little thing,
Simply part of who we are,
just the way we swing,

Then Jesus' blood is optional
And God is pretty small.
We can just forgive ourselves!
Never mind the Fall.

Out with condemnation!
In with fuzzy love!
We'll just worship who we are
Forgetting God above.

That's today's "compassion"
The evil of our age.
Many call that wisdom.
Many think it sage.

But sin is not a minor thing,
Just a thing we do.
Nor is it acceptable
Forgiveable by you.

Sin is death inside you,
Blindness of the soul.
Sin is bowing to yourself
Pretending none is whole.

Sin is doing what you want
While standing on God's 'grace'.
Sin is calling God one's own
While spitting in his face.

What a work of death it is!
To hate the LORD and say,
"Sin is but a minor thing,
I'll do my will today."

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